Crochet/Knitting Tools Set All-in-One

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Product Descriptions and Specifications:

 OK, Finally Crochet Set All-in-One is here to give you all the crochet essentials in one go. Some times its very annoying not to find all the tools you need while doing your favorite knitting. Ecohealthdaily is very happy to present this beautiful Crochet Set All-in-Onel set for you. It comes with 16 Sizes Crochet Hooks Needles Stitches and FREE SHIPPING For limited time only. Ecohealthdaily also offer 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee.

Estimated Delivery Time: Please allow 2-3 weeks to deliver this product to you. 

Material: Stainless Steel&Plastic

Size of aluminum crochet hooks: 2.5mm.3.0mm,3.5mm.4.0mm,4.5mm,5.0mm,6.0

Length of Knitting Needles: 14cm/5.51''(Approx)

Size of plastic handle crochet hooks: 0.6mm,0.75mm,0.9mm,1.0mm,1.1mm,1.20mm


Package Includes:

1 x Scissors

1 x Thimble

1 x Tape Measure

2 x Row Counter(1pcs small+ 1pcs large)

3 x Crooked Needle

4 x Suture Needle

4 x Needles Point Protectors(2pcs small+ 2pcs large)

8 x Blue Handle Knitting Needles

8 x Silicone Handle Knitting Needles

25 x Counting Circular Ring 

 #Crochet Set All-in-One

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